b932a-adabookcoverIt started with A Dozen Apologies–a lighthearted frolic of a novella–that followed the antics of the lovely but motion-challenged Mara Adkins. Mara had a past that didn’t seem to want to let her go. After some rather drastic life changes, she met Jesus and started down a new path. But looking back, she realized she couldn’t go on until she’d apologized to someone. Well, several someones.

Twelve young men she’d treated very badly in college.

One of those guys was Brent Teague, a handsome young pastor who fell for Mara all over again. He should’ve known better, but somehow, he missed the signs. Again. She married one of the other guys she’d apologized to–not Brent.

7e77a-10628646_10202697937837621_8714875177040800085_oFaltering in his faith, his calling, and romance, Brent set out on a Caribbean cruise. It wasn’t really a vacation, he was set to fill-in as the cruise ship’s chaplain. He saw it as an opportunity to get away from the torn shreds of his life. Time to think. Perspective, that’s what he needed. Except when he arrived on the cruise ship, he realized this particular trip–a Love Boat Cruise–yikes! A singles’ cruise. A couple’s cruise. Too late. As The Love Boat Bachelor, he was trapped on board, so set out to make the best of it. Seven lovely ladies crossed his path along the way. One secured his forever love.

Mercy Lacewell was one of the lovely young ladies. Brent piqued her interest and awakened her heart, but she would always remember him as a very good friend. She returned home to Colorado where she’d help her father continue to build his acquisitions business. Not her first choice in a career, but it was a necessary, hopefully temporary path. The job required travel and fortitude. She wasn’t fond of travel and didn’t believe she had much in the strength department. She’d have to depend heavily on her faith, family, and friends to get her through this.

11112210_858579607541022_8504991036842170166_oThat brings us to the third and final story and once again, you–the reader–will get to choose how the story ends. It’s your job, should you choose to accept it, to find the right fit for Mercy Lacewell. Along with Mercy, you’ll travel to ten locations around the country. You’ll meet ten handsome bachelors. Then you’ll be given the opportunity to vote on your personal favorite.

Do you know one of the authors and think you can guess which chapter she wrote? Don’t be fooled by locations. Please judge these men by their qualities and suitability as Mercy’s forever love–regardless of whom you think may have penned their chapter. And enjoy the read!

As always, once the votes are cast and counted, the book in its entirety–complete with ending, will be e-published and available free on Kindle for five days. Yes, this time it’s a full 5 days, during the 4th of July holiday weekend. For the rest of the month of July, it will be $.99!

I hope all of my readers will take part in the fun. Here is the link you’ll need to get started.

Write Integrity Press: Chapter One

No longer needed as her father’s nurse, Mercy Lacewell attempts to step into his shoes at his acquisitions firm. That means travel, engaging strangers, and making final decisions—nothing she feels equipped to do. If her best friend has her way, Mercy will simply marry one of the single, available men she meets, but they overwhelm her. So handsome and kind. And so many. Even if she felt obliged, how could she ever choose?

Should she shove all attraction aside and focus on her father’s business, or is God warming her heart with the possibility of forever?

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