Walk of Life

Never diminish another’s footsteps, but whenever possible, seek another’s glory. This came to mind as I walked the beach early one morning. This is a constant message in the Bible. Do not think more of yourself than you ought to think. Jesus, who was greatest of all who lived, was humble. He set His wants and His needs aside to accomplish His Father’s Purpose. 

So if I truly follow in His footsteps, I will seek to do the same. I may not always accomplish it. Not perfect yet! 

TMTD Syndrome!

Sometimes I feel dazed and confused! I am interrupted so many times at work, I lose track of what I am supposed to be doing and then my eyes glaze over . . . know the feeling? 
I call it TMTD Syndrome (Too Much To Do). It helps to look at a favorite picture (like this one!) or read a favorite verse of scripture. I need something to “ground” me quickly and bring me back to earth. I backtrack, reorganize and then breathe. 

Take a coffee break! . . . Laugh at myself! . . . Count my blessings!