The Lady of the Haven

Jael of Rogan Novels, Book 1

2b7f6-ladyofthehavenJael of Rogan, a young healer-woman known as the Lady of the Haven, has no idea who she’s pulled from the rain-swollen river when a mortally wounded warrior practically falls into her arms. Her healing skills and deep faith in God combine to snatch William, Prince of Coldthwaite, from the brink of death only to learn that the peril to his life is far from over.

As soon as William is able, Jael aids his escape through the mysterious disappearing trail. He vows to return if she ever summons him when the danger has passed. William begins the long and hazardous journey over the Touri Mountains, his heart forever bound to the beautiful young healer whose songs haunt his dreams.

Forced to flee her home, Jael remembers the Warrior’s promise and races to find him in his far off land. Pursued, captured, relentlessly interrogated, her life is in danger nearly from the start. Just as hope begins to fade, Jael is freed by a band of soldiers and learns that William is only a short distance away. Their paths cross briefly as he leads his army in the struggle to defeat their foe. William departs and evil men move in once more.

Here in this strange land, amidst a deadly struggle, Jael comes face to face with a truth she never suspected. Perhaps the power she’d attributed to the haven lay within her all along. But can she, an outcast, ever hope to gain the heart of the prince?

One reviewer says…

“This book is a wonderful adventure in faith, love and triumph over evil. Love the characters and all the twists and turns they go through for everyone. Jael is a young healer who’s life gets turned upside down when she meets William after he has been wounded. It is by her healing skills and the grace of God that Jael is able to take care of William. Once healed he cannot forget Jael and is forever haunted by her healing powers and caring heart. The adventures and turmoil that these characters go through will have you on the edge of your seat. I can’t wait for the next book in their quest.” (Reviewed August 13, 2015 on Amazon)

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