Annabelle’s Joy

Book 3, Kinsman Redeemer Series

Months ago, he’d asked her to marry him. She needed more time. He said he’d wait. He hadn’t planned on waiting quite so long, though.

Annabelles Joy Final CoverOn Wednesdays, the soda counter at the Trenton Pharmacy brimmed with customers. Ham sandwiches, the daily special, was the main attraction. Tom Franklin, the pharmacy’s owner, was a close second. The town folk kept a close eye on Tom, hoping to be the first to hear the good news. It was no secret he’d been courting the widow Cross for nigh on two years now. Rumor had it she’d been holding him at arm’s length.

The consensus around the counter? Miz Annabelle Cross better wake up and put her dancing shoes on. Mr. Tom is prime real estate. Maybe a little competition is exactly what Annabelle needs. With help from her friends, family, and a new single lady in town, she makes up her mind to let go of the past and trust God for the outcome. Everything seems to be going her way until life delivers another blow.

In a matter of moments, his elation turns to devastation as Tom fears he’s lost Annabelle forever. This small taste of what Annabelle has suffered in the last three years sends him searching for the peace she’s found. Can the seasoned couple make a go of life together? Move beyond the sorrows of the past to win a second chance at love?

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What a reviewer said about Annabelle’s Joy:

Annabelle’s Joy is like coming home for a reunion to talk about old times and share the latest news. The characters are heart-warming and unforgettable. The setting is homey and memorable.

Annabelle Cross has seen her fair share of trouble with the loss of her husband and her two sons. Now Connie, her daughter-in-law, has married again and started her own family. Alone, Annabelle faces an uncertain future. Has life nothing better to offer than painful memories of the past and loneliness for the future?

Tom, the town druggist, purchased land next to the widow Cross after floodwaters destroyed his house. As he adds the final touches, Tom desires to fill the rooms with more than furniture and whatnots. He wants a home and a wife. Can he convince Annabelle to leave her heartaches behind and embrace a life of joy?

In her final installment, Betty Thomason Owens brings Annabelle’s and Tom’s story to a grand ending. Filled with humor, romance, and faith, it is a finale that was well worth the wait. Bravo!