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A Gathering of Eagles

Sent on a mission to reunite a war-torn kingdom, Jael and William will face a darker enemy than either has ever encountered. Will their marriage survive?
A Gathering of Eagles — the continuation of the story begun in The Lady of the Haven, follows the newly married Prince William and Lady Jael on a mission into the rugged Touri Mountains, to the city of Cragmorton, where they will endeavor to return honor and unity to the once proud citizens. 
When Lady Jael’s peace is interrupted by a dark vision, it is fulfilled in the personage of a vile enemy from a distant land who pillages and destroys everything in his path. Prince William must lead his men into battle again and Lady Jael must learn to lead a kingdom, without him.

The Lady of the Haven—Imagine a time when the Message was new; a time when apostles still roamed the earth. Deep in the wilds of the northern regions beyond the Great Sea, lay pockets of believers, flourishing under the blessings of a mighty Saviour. This is the story of one such body of believers living in a mythical kingdom and the woman who discovers it. Born of an ancient Hebrew family, Jael of Rogan struggles in the beginning with the Message. But as she learns to love the followers of this Way, she meets the Author and all of her doubts disappear. Stalked by a canny bounty hunter, captured and enslaved by cattle rustlers, knocked unconscious by her rescuers, Jael is barely recognizable, by the time she reaches her destination. 

The Story Continues . . .