The Visitor Meets Old Hairy

Upcoming new release from author, Fay Lamb!

This cozy mystery has intrigue, suspense, humor, and enough quirky characters to keep you guessing until the end. I loved this novella, book two of The Visitor mystery series, and highly recommend it.

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The Visitor Meets Old Hairy is now available for preorder on Kindle.

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The Visitor Makes a Retreat

Julie B Cosgrove

Releasing Friday, February 10!

I enjoyed this story by one of my favorite cozy mystery authors. Read her blogpost and get to know Julie HERE.

About the Book

How do horses, a thunderstorm, and a flowering bush combine to equal attempted murder?

Connie B. Wright is intent on finding out!

Izzy Gutierrez is the strong right hand for her beloved employer, Fanny Henderson. And she’s delighted for the help of Miss Fanny’s niece, Connie Wright, during a weekend retreat that will benefit one of the Wright Foundation’s newest projects.

Miss Fanny arranged the special weekend outing for a few hand-picked guests who might be willing to lend their financial support. Unfortunately, she included an attorney that is apparently well-hated by all the other attendees. So much so that someone is willing to poison him . . .

Match wits with The Visitor as she unravels another unexpected crime and the drama that tends to go with it.

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