Questions, Anyone?

coffee, cup, laptop, memeWhen I renovated my blog, I wanted to have fun with it. Thus the theme, “Hello! Thursday Mornings!”

Opinions–mostly mine–are welcome, and every few weeks, I’ll open the “floor” (so to speak) for questions.

If you have a question you’d like me to discuss (I may or may not have an answer), please send it to me via the comments section below. If you send a really good one, it may become the subject of a blog post! How’s that?

In the meantime, I’ll answer the question, WHO am I, really? You can find most of that information in the tabs above, or I can tell you: I’m a Christian believer, married almost forty-three years to my wonderful husband, Bob. Besides my part-time pursuit of bookkeeping, he supports me in my writing venture. We have three grown sons, all of them married, and they’ve given us eight grandchildren.

I’ve been writing for about thirty years now. But I’ve only been a published writer for a decade. Next year, I will have seven books in publication. I started out writing fantasy-adventure stories. They were somewhat inspired by Tolkien’s LOTR. Okay, possibly more than somewhat inspired by Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Tolkien’s LOTR. Okay, maybe a lot more than somewhat inspired by Viggo Mortenson’s Aragorn/Strider role. Ahem!

I moved away from fantasy/adventure, to write historical stories. Since you can find most of this information in the tabs above, I won’t go into great detail. I’m working on two different (very different) series at the moment, and though I feel blessed to have them, I’ve vowed never to do that again.

My current work-in-progress will finish up the Legacy series with the story of Amy Juliana Emerson. If you’re a reader, you may think that name sounds familiar. That’s because Amy’s mother and dad are in Book 1, Amelia’s Legacy.

Amy is another rich, young heiress who is struggling against her destiny. World War II has recently ended as the story begins, and this girl is ready to launch herself on the world. But her dad has other plans. He’s trying to keep her high spirits in check, and not just to protect her reputation (or his own). Though Amy doesn’t realize it, she is in actual danger, and her antics have brought her the wrong kind of attention.

At a time when most young ladies of substance are either being given in marriage, or being given a voyage to see the world, Amy is sent to the country where she is expected to work. Rebecca Lewis Alvera, another of my characters from both Book 1 and Book 2 (Carlotta’s Legacy), takes on an important role in helping Amy curb her excessive energy.

A perfect storm is brewing as Amy’s stubborn resolve meets Dad’s resistance, along with an unknown force in the form of a familiar enemy. This is the section I am working on at present. The pressure is on as I not only end this particular story, but the series.

Oh, and I am a slow writer. It takes months for me to complete a story to my satisfaction. It takes my readers a matter of hours or a couple of days to read it. *Sigh*

That’s my story, and a little bit of my present situation. Add to the writing of this latest tome, about ten other roles in the writing/marketing world, and you have a vague idea of the daily life of a writer.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’ll join the conversation, whether it is with a question, or just to encourage me. Or, maybe you don’t want to encourage me. Please don’t feed the  monkeys. Only some of you will get that.

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Coffee, Anyone?

It’s everywhere and it’s one HOT topic. Of course, I’m referring to coffee. You’ve no doubt noticed all the coffee memes and jokes and greetings on social media featuring java.

A cup o’ Joe, brew, rocket fuel, dirt (hadn’t heard that one), cuppa, bean juice, brain juice…the list goes on.

And the memes are varied too, humorous or downright serious. Anyone taking a gander at our Facebook and Twitter pages will be convinced of our addiction to the stuff. For some of us, they wouldn’t be far off the mark.

I love my morning coffee! Honestly, though, after that first wonderful sip—well—it kind of goes downhill. Still enjoyable, though. You have to drink it fast before it gets cold. I am not a fan of cold coffee—and microwaved coffee—no, thank you.

Research! I took a short jaunt around the internet and pulled out a few lists of favorite coffee brands. Interesting, especially when I noticed one brand that kept bubbling to the top (like in the old-fashioned percolator). It’s actually one I’ve never tried. I’m being brutally honest here: I have never been to Dunkin’ Donuts. (I heard that gasp! You can’t believe it, can you?) I’ve never had the coffee, unless it was served to me and not identified.

Here’s a “favorite brands” list from 2014:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Folgers
  • Seattle’s Best
  • Maxwell House
  • Caribou
  • McCafe

And then one more recent (2017):

  • Lav Azza
  • Nescafe (really?)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Seattle’s Best
  • Peet’s
  • Keurig Green Mountain
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Folger
  • Maxwell House
  • Caribou

I’m not really sure who they’re asking. Both said “consumers.” Could be anybody. So here’s one that came directly from top sales of inexpensive coffees in southern supermarkets. That’s really narrowing it down.

  • Eight o’clock
  • Chock Full o’ Nuts
  • Folgers
  • Maxwell House
  • Dunkin Donuts

What’s my favorite coffee? We’re coffee snobs at our house. Right now, we’re drinking organic coffee from Paraquay, freshly ground, of course. The aroma is amazing!

Coffee aisles at the neighborhood supermarket have expanded! You can barely see from one end to the other. I think I saw Juan Valdez and his donkey the other day. Or maybe it was just someone pushing a cart. The distance was too great to tell.

I can often be found there, in one of those aisles, sniffing coffee packages. Don’t worry, I don’t touch it to my nose. There’s a trick to it. You lightly squeeze the package and the aroma is released. I’m not really a fan of what men like to call, “cookie coffee, and I don’t like burnt coffee beans. Only the wonderfully aromatic ones that make me say, “Ah, perfection!”

To brew or not to brew? In the past, we’ve used a French press, a pour-through, and single-serving pods. But lately, I just use a regular old coffeemaker.

One of my favorite things: I love to walk into a chic little coffee roaster and inhale. Oh, and then, I really want a caffe latte. Lots of cream, no sugar, please. We have a couple of coffee shops in the Louisville area that I love.  Sunergos, and Heine Brothers. I know, I need to get out more. Coffee shop research is HIGH on my to-do-list this fall.

Now, it’s your turn:

What’s your favorite coffee shop and/or store brand coffee?

What’s the most unique shop you’ve visited? (Mine is pictured below)


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