My Enemy; My Love

Help! My protagonist has fallen in love with my antagonist!

By Hugh Thomson (1860-1920) (Lilly Library, Indiana University) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Calm down, it happens.

Even in the classics, sometimes the main character falls for the bad guy. For instance, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. He was the epitome of everything she despised. Yes, he was proud. He was egotistical. His aristocratic nose in the air, he looked down on everyone. That was his way. He had money–lots of it–and power, and continually sets himself and his close friends above others.

After she came to know him better, Miss Bennett’s mind began to soften toward Fitzwilliam Darcy, (her knees and heart, too) but not until she’d completely humiliated him (and herself). In true Austen fashion, the story comes full circle. Miss Elizabeth Bennett realizes she is every bit as proud and prejudiced as he. She falls madly in love with him. He is her perfect match, in every way.

Of course, they aren’t really considered an antagonist, but these guys definitely have antagonistic characteristics. It seems to be a trend these days, with the popularity of Hunger Games. Katniss is sometimes (okay, most of the time) at odds with Peeta. He redeems himself. She ends up with him instead of the truly sigh-worthy Gale.

Even Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember has the bad boy winning over the sweet lead character. By the end of the story, he’s won our hearts, too.

love-560783_1280Are you a fan of this type of love story? Or do you prefer the slow warming of a relationship, unencumbered by anger and hate? Speaking of anger and hate, The Taming of the Shrew and Ten Things I Hate About You come to mind. Sparks fly in those two stories. Oh, if looks could kill. Kat (in Ten Things) claws, spits, and scratches, while Patrick hangs on with quiet determination.

Will they end up happy? Or will they spend their lives fighting? Does anyone really care once the happy ending leaves you sighing with satisfaction?

The man who later became my husband was not exactly an enemy, but I didn’t like his type at all. Until his life changed, and our paths crossed again. I was still hesitant, but he was determined. Our love story is ongoing.

All’s Fair in Love and War!

reading-925589_1280Do you have a favorite girl-hates-boy-till-girl-loves-boy story? One I haven’t mentioned here? When your protagonist falls in love with the antagonist, things can get very interesting. I say let it happen. See where this one leads. Definitely gonna be in one of my next books.