Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, I gave my mom a Mother’s Day Gift. The hardcover/dust jacket version of my latest novel, A Gathering of Eagles. When she found the dedication page with the words “For Mom,” she said, “For me?” I nodded. She teared up. Then she said, “Is this in all the books?”

Yes. She has been honored in all the books. All her friends will see it. She has bragging rights. With two little words, I think I made her happy. For about five minutes–until the UPS guy arrived with a Camellia bush from my big brother. Ah, we are still competing. Mike, if you’re reading this, you know I have to one-up you now. I know it’s not a competition, but sometimes a little contest is just fun. I love my big brother and he knows that. So, we’re on.

I have another little contest coming up and it’s an easy one. Next week, I will give away one copy of both my books, The Lady of the Haven and A Gathering of Eagles (both in softcover). All you have to do is leave a short comment, either here on this blogpost, or on my fan page for A Gathering of Eagles. If you want to be included in the book giveaway, be sure to mention that in your comment. On Friday, May 13th (I am not superstitious–I am not superstitious–knock on wood) I will announce the winner of the double book giveaway. Hint: You can click on the facebook badge to the right of this post to get to the fanpage.

All of those who have entered and/or “liked” my fan page will be included in the final drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Debbie Whitehouse

    Well going to see if I am still on a roll!! Would really love to win your book this time:) I finished Give the Lady a Ride the day I got it and enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the giveaways!! So please include me in the giveaway!


  2. Allie Rose ;)

    Betty you have and always will be my favorite author! I'd love to win some books..you know me. LOVE YOU!! SO PROUD!!


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