Ten Reasons to Slow Down

Gusto enjoys the lake

I’m in a hurry. I eat too fast. I read books too fast. I skim the news on Yahoo. I half listen to my husband when he talks to me. I’m in a frenzy. My nerves are frazzled.

So I wrote a blogpost on slowing down. It sounded good, but could I really do it? Why slow down, anyway? In this world of microseconds and microwaves and instant everything, why take your time if you don’t have to?

If I slow down, perhaps my nerves will un-frazzle. Maybe my handwriting will improve. Maybe I’ll actually enjoy what I’m eating.

So what am I missing, anyway?

I’m a list-maker, so I came up with the following list (not necessarily ordered by importance):

  • Beautiful Sunrise
  • Wind blowing through the trees.
  • Birdsong
  • Waves crashing on the shore.
  • Breathing
  • Discovering the meaning of a story or novel.
  • Actually hearing all of my husband’s words. Not understanding; but hearing. 
  • Hearing and understanding God’s voice.
  • Grandchildren’s laughter
  • Taking time to show kindness to others, wherever I am.

These are all wonderful things. We miss many of them because we are in a hurry. We’re self-absorbed, always on the way to the next place or the next chore. Turn off the television and in so doing, we begin to de-structure our lives. There’s no longer any reason to put your book away, or come in from the front porch, or the back deck.

Put your feet up, sip your drink slowly and pretend the electricity is out.

2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Slow Down

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Betty…I'm going to take a few minutes to say hello and to tell you to take your own advice…which is, of course…exactly what you have just written. It's too late at night for my mind to be in gear but I know you will grasp the intent right away….and smile. You are so kind and thoughtful…and fun….and…you chose the perfect husband who also happens to be my nephew… Ta-Dah! and Good Night!


  2. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Sorry I'm so slow about getting back to you, Aunt Mary–I mean Anonymous. Your good humor has not suffered for the lateness of the hour, I see. And I am taking my own advice, I have written this with a definite Mississippi drawl, so you can read it slow. Love & kisses–


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