Competition vs. Whatever

My sons gulped down their food so fast, I barely had time to sit down before they’d finished. With them, everything was a competition. Who finished first? I don’t remember, because it wasn’t important.

This went on in every phase of their lives. To this day, as grown men, they still feel compelled to compete. Yet, in most ways, all three are completely different. 
Competition definitely holds a place in most every walk of life. It pushes you forward to achieve more, run faster, think better, gain more stuff, lose more weight, etc. I could go on and on. The competitive person is never satisfied. Tell them “no,” or rate them second-best, and they’ll rush to prove you wrong.
On the other hand, the “whatever” person could care less (so they say) whether they finish a race. It’s too much work. They didn’t get a promotion, but it would’ve been too much stress anyway. Shrug a shoulder and say, “Whatever.”
There’s an overabundance of competition and rivalry everywhere you turn these days, and at times it’s so tempting to say “whatever,” sit in your chair and dose off. 
But the painter paints, the composer composes, the singer sings, the writer writes. No matter how big the challenge, and believe me, the competition’s heavy right now. In the face of so much opposition, we 
keep plugging away, day after day. Hope rises and sets like the sun. One day we’re inching forward, the next, we’re flat on our faces, humiliated and spent.
I can’t really say where I am in that race, I’ve completely lost sight of my opponents. Are they so far ahead of me? Should I just give up? No matter how much I’d love to, I can’t. What if I can’t see my fellows because they’re that far behind me?
Whatever I accomplish in this world, whether good or bad, even if no one remembers my name, I know one thing for certain and it is this: I tried. I ran. I wrote. 
Thanks for reading. See you out there!