Behold, I Am Doing a New Thing …

As this posts, I am in the midst of another book release. If you were part of last year’s Valentine’s Day release of A Dozen Apologies, you will be familiar with the process–Write Integrity Press releases a chapter a day. When all the chapters are released, we invite you (the reader) to vote on your favorite chapter. Last year, in A Dozen Apologies, you voted for a hero. This year, you’ll vote for your favorite heroine.

And you won’t know who the author is until the winner is announced.

Sound like fun? This year’s story, The Love Boat Bachelor, is a sequel to Mara’s story in A Dozen Apologies. Brent Teague didn’t win Mara’s heart. Remember him? He was the minister who met up with our repentant heroine while she was dressed in a turkey costume. Yes, you guessed it, he was her November apology.

This year, we catch up to Brent, dejected, disappointed, and ready for a change. When an offer comes from an old friend, Brent’s sister urges him to accept. Take a chance. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there! So Brent agrees to a two-week stint as a chaplain on board a cruise ship. But all is not as it seems, of course.

The adventure begins January 26, 2015. You can go to the website and read the first two chapters (see links below). Bookmark that website, so you can return there every week day (we take a break on weekends) until all eight chapters are posted … and then … you can vote for your favorite.