What If Fantasy Adventure Beckoned?

Hello! It’s Thursday Morning again!

coffee, cup, laptop, memeGood morning, friends, I hope you’ll join me with a cup of hot coffee or other warm beverage (if your part of the world is cold like mine). Speaking of cold, I’m going to take a short trip into one of my very first writings.

The plan is, during the month of December, this little tome will be a free download. It’s in need of a little maintenance at some of its other venues anyway. I know December is super busy, but you can download it while free, then read it later when winter tends to slow us down.

The Lady of the Haven is the book I’m talking about. It’s a little different from the books I’ve written lately. Think of a romantically-styled “King Arthur-esque” inspired by my ventures into the fantastical world of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Here’s where the “what if” comes in: As a student of the Bible and spiritual aspects of life, I asked myself what if the magical wasn’t really magic, but spiritual in a Godly way? What if, inspired by their Hebrew roots, these dwellers in the Mediterranean basin discovered a power that linked to nature? I created a location inspired by the Bermuda Triangle and the Biblical ability to disappear and reappear elsewhere. (Jesus did this at times, and so did Philip, the evangelist). Intrigued? I hope so.

I gave my heroine a powerful name from the book of Judges–Jael–and her grandmother’s name is Deborah. Grandmere Deborah is the one who gave the child her name. Their ancestry is steeped in ancient teachings from the original Hebrew family who came there to escape a famine and the wars in their homeland. They sing tunes adapted from the ancient Psalms.

The book opens when my young heroine returns to the haven of her birth, a place she longs for, but it is now unsafe for her. She only returns when led there by the Spirit. She’s a healer who works at the sail-making trade to earn a living, and she’s alone in the world. Family–kinship–is one of the deepest longings of her heart.

Enter, our “Arthur-esque” hero (or maybe he’s more a Lancelot, or even an Aragorn): William, Prince of Coldthwaite (pronounced cold-thrate). Jael doesn’t immediately know he’s a prince, only that he’s an important man, and possibly hunted by a dangerous enemy. She must protect him, as she works to heal his injuries. Her “special” powers, and the natural tendencies of the haven will help her.

You can read the entire first chapter and part of the second by clicking “Look Inside” HERE (Amazon Kindle). You can even send the sample to your Kindle (or phone app) to read at your leisure.

Here’s the link to a free download: The Lady of the Haven

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