You’re Reading about What? Researching One Lilac Christmas

Hello, Thursday Morning readers! I have a guest today. Historical author, Pamela Ferguson, has recently published a historical novella, One Lilac Christmas. Here’s what she has to say about it–

When I agreed to write a sweet Christmas historical romance, I knew at once I would set it during World War II. I’d already published two World War II romances (His Scottish War Bride and His French War Bride) and enjoyed researching that time period. Between the beginning and end of the war, four Christmas holidays were celebrated. That meant there would be lots of material to inspire plot ideas.

My previous historical romances explored the lives of soldiers who went to war. This time I was drawn to the stories of Americans on the home front who helped the war effort. I read about gasoline rationing and nylon stocking shortages, weapons arsenals, and officer training. I learned about women who enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps, and people who resented them for doing it. When I stumbled upon the story of an engaged couple who’d attempted to enlist together—only to have the recruiters reject the man and accept the woman—I knew I’d found the primary conflict for my two main characters, Amity Belmont and Zachary Flynn.

Next, I needed an external conflict. My historical romance characters are all linked to a fictional Virginia town called Lilac, the setting for my contemporary romances. Since One Lilac Christmas was a historical romance, I explored what was happening in the Blue Ridge Mountain region during World War II. I read about Civilian Public Service Camps where conscientious objectors voluntarily served the United States during the war. This would be the historical basis for the conflict involving Amity’s younger brother, who admits that, like their mother, he is a pacifist.

I never know what historical detail will provide the germ of an idea. I’ve learned to be comfortable with starting a writing project without knowing exactly where I’ll end up. Each time the research process has led me to interesting events that I can add to a plot.

Now you know the background of One Lilac Christmas. Here’s the book description:

December 1943. When Zachary Flynn suggested that he and Amity Belmont enlist together, he never dreamed the recruiters would reject him because of his flat feet. Now, Amity’s off fighting the war, and he could kick himself for letting his bruised ego get in the way of telling her his true feelings. If he had, maybe Lilac’s well-meaning matchmakers wouldn’t be trying to hustle him under the mistletoe with someone other than Amity.

Sergeant Amity Belmont never should have confided her fears to anyone in her Women’s Army Corps unit. When her commanding officer gets wind of Amity’s concerns, she recommends Amity set things right at home before taking on her new assignment. Of all the people she’s disappointed, Amity is worried most about Zach. She cannot ask him to forgive something she doesn’t regret. Will her surprise visit to Lilac bring the Christmas miracle they both need?

What historical time periods are you interested in?

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Award-winning author PAMELA FERGUSON writes contemporary and historical romance fiction. Wings of Love, her first novel set in the fictional town of Lilac, won the 2017 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements. Readers can meet relatives of her contemporary romance characters in her World War II-era historical romances. She collaborates with two fantastic vocal artists, Stephanie Dillard and Rebecca Fine, to produce audiobooks for all her stories. She loves to hear from readers. Find her on one of the social media platforms below. To keep up with the latest news about her books, visit her website, and sign up for her newsletter.


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