The Visitor Mysteries Continue

What’s up next for The Visitor, Connie B. Wright? She runs into a bit of challenge with her sister Kimberly, lakeside in Michigan. In a “snap” – she’s off again, to help her favorite brother’s daughter, Teagan out of a tough situation. Connie doesn’t look for trouble, it just kind of…follows her.

The Visitor – Contemporary Mystery & Light Suspense

What do an unmanned boat,
a gardener’s secrets,
and ghostly crying have to do with murder?

Kimberly McConil loves the old house she just bought, even if her twins seem to think she has no idea what she’s doing with the renovations. She doesn’t need her baby sister’s help either, but Connie is only there to organize a fundraiser for the Wright Foundation. At least, that’s what she says.

Still, Kimberly is rather pleased to have her sister with her when the sounds of the house move from common to creepy. And then there is the man who tries to break in . . .

Match wits with The Visitor as she unravels this knot of lies and the drama that it causes.

A quick review of The Visitor Sees a Ghost:

A quirky, old house…odd, unexplained noises…
The locals say it’s haunted.
Kimberly McConil bought it via the internet and intends to make it her forever home. With the help of her little sister–head of the family business, mystery and mayhem magnet–Connie Wright, she pursues the truth about the old house by the lake.
This one will keep you guessing and might produce a chuckle or two along the way.

How do a Yellow Mustang,
a missing dog,
and a game of Clue set up a murder?

Connie B. Wright must unravel this mystery.

Teagan Wright is determined to impress Aunt Connie. Her fondest hope is to work with her for the Wright Foundation, and organizing a small part of this elaborate fundraiser is a great opportunity to show off what she can do.

But when her best friend is the victim of a hit and run, and her least favorite person winds up missing, Teagan becomes more focused on proving that she herself isn’t the one to blame.

Then there’s the body that she finds . . .

Match wits with The Visitor as she weaves through a treacherous route to uncover a game master.

In my humble opinion:

The Visitor Plays a Game is a fun read and one you won’t want to put down until you find out whodunnit! Like a certain mystery solving board game, this story provides clues along the way. Teagan and her Aunt Connie B. Wright have to work hard to try to solve the mystery and prove a friend’s innocence before it’s too late. I couldn’t put it down until I’d read the oh, so satisfying ending. If you love a mystery, this is a must-read.