The Reward Will Come

Sometimes it’s hard not to complain. When you’re going through difficult situations, like job loss, for instance. Or sickness. Or any number of other things. You feel slighted when you see others being blessed and living happy lives. You’re tempted to murmur and complain. It’s understandable. It happens.

It’s all happened before. And it will happen again. Solomon said there’s nothing new under the sun. When I’m tempted to complain about my less-than-perfect situation, I read the third chapter of Malachi. Sometimes I have to read it more than once. It’s a reminder. Though it seems others around you are being blessed far more than they deserve, though they don’t even take the time to serve God and you have served Him all your life…

I’ll let you see it for yourself.

When you said, ‘It doesn’t pay to serve God. What do we ever get out of it? When we did what he said and went around with long faces, serious about God-of-the-Angel-Armies, what difference did it make? Those who take life into their own hands are the lucky ones. They break all the rules and get ahead anyway. They push God to the limit and get by with it.’ (Malachi 3:14-15 via Bible Gateway/The Message)

I’ve been guilty of such thoughts, how about you? Yes, sometimes it looks as if our daily walk is pointless. But don’t let yourself dwell on that. Keep your eyes on the prize. See the final outcome. Know that your present situation is a season that will end as a new season dawns. We will see the fruit of our labor. If you continue reading this chapter of Malachi, you’ll find what happens when you refuse to speak negative words regarding God and the situation you are in.

Then those whose lives honored God got together and talked it over. God saw what they were doing and listened in. A book was opened in God’s presence and minutes were taken of the meeting, with the names of the God-fearers written down, all the names of those who honored God’s name. (Malachi 3:16 via Bible Gateway/The Message)

They got together with their friends. They talked it over. They talked about how good God is and how He would come through for them, because His promises, once made, are always honored. God-fearers who honored God’s name…no matter what. Like Job. Refuse to back down. Because the reward will come. 

God-of-the-Angel-Armies said, “They’re mine, all mine. They’ll get special treatment when I go into action. I treat them with the same consideration and kindness that parents give the child who honors them. Once more you’ll see the difference it makes between being a person who does the right thing and one who doesn’t, between serving God and not serving him.” (Malachi 3:17-18 via Bible Gateway/The Message)

Can you say it any better than that? If you’re a parent, you know exactly what He’s talking about. It’s always easier to treat an obedient, loving child with kindness. It’s easy to lavish your blessings on one like that, when they honor you and stand up for you, no matter what.

Don’t give up. No matter what comes, stand in the light of the knowledge of Him. Keep your tongue reigned in. Don’t allow yourself to complain and be caught up in trash talk. No matter what. If you’ve been hurt by others, knocked down by sickness, lost your job, your home, death in the family, hunger, pain…no matter what. Find a way to keep your eyes on the final outcome. He understands, He knows, He sees, and they’re keeping a record of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post this week. I hope it’s helped you. And I hope you’ll stop in next week. Happy Summer!

Who’s That Guy

and Where’d He Learn That?

Ah, Facebook. I’d heard about it, but I never expected what I found there. I’m getting to know my kids! Grown, and living on their own, my guys are busy creatures. We would sometimes go for days and even weeks without hearing a word from them. Now, I have only to log onto Facebook, and there they are!

One of my sons has a bright sense of humor and a real way with words. Amazing! He keeps us in stitches. Each one is gifted in his own way, but all three have the signature good humor.

Another benefit–we get instant news about the grandchildren, successful job hunts, the latest pictures and videos. I’m starting to like this a lot, except I tend to spend way too much time there, tapping away the minutes.

Warning: It’s as if you’re in a big conversation and everyone in the room can hear what you’re saying. You have to be more careful what you say. Yes, that’s something you pick up rather quickly. It only takes one misspeak to set off a flurry of comments. Oops!