March Winds and the Mad Hatter

March is and always has been, my favorite month. It’s transitional. The weather (in the middle of the country where I am) tends toward unruly weirdness. One day it’s frozen solid–the next–it’s summertime! And the winds tend to be wild, but on schedule–every other day–Mad Hatter weather.

Bulbs send up shoots only to be stalled by frost, ice, and snow. Right now, we’re still reeling from a double-punch snowstorm that totally shut down two major interstates that transect our state.

Oh, and before you get too judgmental about those shutdowns, oh honored Northerners, be aware that this was a major storm with high winds and heavy precipitation concentrated in a short few hours, beginning with rain then ice and ending with a major dump of around 18″ of wet stuff. Jack-knifed semis caused most of the problems, by blocking the lanes so salt trucks and plows could not get through.

So back to March, my favorite month. Another reason it’s on my fav list–it’s my birthday month. This year, I received some really nice and very thoughtful gifts.

In my research on my work-in-progress, I learned that in some foreign countries, the birthday girl gives the gifts. Isn’t that a funny tradition? But a nice one, at times, especially if you have something to give. I do.

If you would like a copy of  Amelia’s Legacy, a 1920s era novel, please leave a comment on this post. Please follow the directions (or your comment may be disqualified).

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  1. What is the best birthday present you ever received?
  2. What is your favorite birthday cake (flavor)?
  3. What famous actress sang happy birthday to a president (JFK)?

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Yes, I threw in #3 for fun.

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Happy Birthday USA (& Leigh Ann)

On July 4th, America celebrates her birthday. So does my daughter-in-law, but that’s not what I’m writing about today. Our nation is approximately 237 years old (my daughter-in-law is considerably younger).

Many of you will celebrate the fourth with cookouts, picnics, and/or fireworks. Around here, they’ve been shooting fireworks for several days and will probably continue for several more days. I just wish they had a curfew. Some folks have to get up early. When she was little, my daughter-in-law thought all those fireworks were for her birthday. I think we’ve finally convinced her otherwise.

America’s short history is fascinating. While some of those guys were scalawags, most were actually God-fearing men who truly cared about the future of the nation for which they fought. Some wanted a king. A few wanted to be king. I’m thankful they settled on a president. What we’ve done with that is another subject entirely and not one I want to take up at this time.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope it’ll be an adventure. I think it’s wonderful that we can celebrate the history of our great country. Whatever our misunderstandings and arguments at this moment, they’ll all be distant memories one day. Some won’t even make it into our history books.

What is important: men giving their lives, fighting and dying for their country. Protecting the number one most important thing––freedom. That freedom of speech we like to shout about––someone fought for that. Someone died for that and all the other things we often take for granted.

When the fireworks burst into beautiful, colorful streams of light, remember. And while you’re looking up, why not give thanks.

Now I have to go put a few candles in the apple pie. I forgot to bake a cake for d-i-l. But I happen to know she loves apple pie and ice cream, so I think it’ll be okay.

As always, thanks for reading. There are some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, so stop back by if you get a chance.