Sisters Forever

Sisters are sisters forever. I’ve heard that said, though I never experienced it, since I had none. I observed the closeness between my aunts, Dad’s two sisters. Though sometimes one complained about the other, their love for one another was undeniable. 

The family was closer than most because of a tragedy that occurred early in their lives. Dad was the youngest and he was only two when his father was killed. Their mother struggled to keep the family together, to raise four children on her own in the early thirties. It was difficult and several times, folks offered to take Frances, but she would not give her up. 
Through this hardship, the children learned to depend upon one another. The siblings were codependent in a way. The bond between them and their mother was very strong and would remain so all their lives.
So it was not really surprising that these two sisters would pass into eternity so close together. Aunt Jen (top right) died on Friday, Aunt Fran (lower left with me) died early Monday morning. The family, though devastated, had to admit it was fitting. All the siblings and their mother are together now. I miss them all.
I miss their voices, so often filled with laughter. They learned to laugh through their difficulties and they had plenty, some self-made, over the years. 

They passed along to their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, a spirit of love and happiness. They passed a deep trust in God and a love for one another. I feel very blessed to have known them. 
I think Aunt Jen stopped off and picked up Aunt Fran on the way out. That would be just like her. When I visited her in the hospital for the last time, the first thing she said to me was, “Have you been to see Fran?” That was Aunt Jen. She was always thinking of others. 

Who’s That Guy

and Where’d He Learn That?

Ah, Facebook. I’d heard about it, but I never expected what I found there. I’m getting to know my kids! Grown, and living on their own, my guys are busy creatures. We would sometimes go for days and even weeks without hearing a word from them. Now, I have only to log onto Facebook, and there they are!

One of my sons has a bright sense of humor and a real way with words. Amazing! He keeps us in stitches. Each one is gifted in his own way, but all three have the signature good humor.

Another benefit–we get instant news about the grandchildren, successful job hunts, the latest pictures and videos. I’m starting to like this a lot, except I tend to spend way too much time there, tapping away the minutes.

Warning: It’s as if you’re in a big conversation and everyone in the room can hear what you’re saying. You have to be more careful what you say. Yes, that’s something you pick up rather quickly. It only takes one misspeak to set off a flurry of comments. Oops!