The Love Boat Bachelor Needs You

As this posts, we’re moving in to the final two days of the chapter releases for The Love Boat Bachelor. I hope you’ve had a chance to read them. Maybe you already have a favorite! Well, after tomorrow’s chapter is released, you’ll have a chance to vote. Please do! It’s like Dancing With the Stars. The contestants perform, the judges give them points, but the callers choose the winner. 
Which chapter touched your heart? Which heroine belongs with Brent Teague? It’s up to you.
Team writing a story like A Dozen Apologies and The Love Boat Bachelor is surprisingly fun. It’s interesting to see where the other authors take the story. I feel both honored and humbled to work alongside such talented writers. 
Don’t forget, The Love Boat Bachelor will be available as a free download on Kindle, February 14th – 17th
After it’s all done, please check out other works by these authors. Several of them have multiple books published, and include a number of my favorite reads from the past year or so.
Jerusha Agen

Jerusha Agen brought Brent Teague to life in last year’s A Dozen Apologies. Her opening chapter in The Love Boat Bachelor draws you in to the story.

You’re there with Brent as he fights the temptation to flee before he ever boards the ship. Jerusha Agen has also written the Sisters Redeemed Series, —This Dance, This Shadow, and This Redeemer. She also collaborated on: A Ruby Christmas, and A Dozen Apologies.

For more information about Jerusha Agen, visit her Website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Chapter Seven Port of Call: Barbados

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Port of Call: Bridgetown, Barbados with Lacy Dickinson 

Monday’s Chapter Six:

Chapter Six Port of Call: Bonaire

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Authorview 2014 Roundup

This has been an awesome (overused word) wonderful, amazing year in so many ways, topped off by the addition to my blog of “Authorview”– an adventure for me in cookie cutter interviews. I was pleased to find, however, the interviewees made these anything but cookie cutter. Their responses were funny and interesting, allowing readers a glimpse into the private lives of some of our favorite authors. I hope you were introduced to a few new and interesting writers as well.

Authorview was an experiment for me, and it went so well, I’m going to keep it. Once a month throughout 2015, I will interview an author. I hope to come up with some new and thought-provoking, yes, even silly questions. If you have a suggestion for a question feel free to comment below or send it to me on the contact form above this post.

Today, tomorrow, and on New Year’s Eve, I will post the authors (in order of their appearance) and if you click on their photo, it will take you to their website so you can learn more about them and their writing. If you click on the link below the picture, it will take you to the original Authorview post. I encourage you to connect with these special people and let them know you found them on my blogpost. Believe it or not, Authors Need Encouragement!

Hallee Bridgeman

Victoria Bylin

Jerusha Agen

Rose McCauley

Fay Lamb

Jerusha Agen – Authorview

I first “met” Jerusha Agen while co-writing A Dozen Apologies for Write Integrity Press. Now, I am deep into her Sisters Redeemed Series, so I’m delighted to host her interview on my blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jerusha Agen


Nickname or “wannabe” name (If you don’t have a nickname, you can choose one you’d like, that tells us a little bit about who you are): I’ve been called “J-Dog.” I do love dogs, but I never quite warmed to the nickname. At least it made me seem cool for a while.

I am: A perfectionist fixer.

My best trait: Fixing everyone and everything.

My bad habit: Fixing everyone and everything.

Qualities I admire: The ability to fix things. No, I really can think of something else. Ah, yes, patience and contentment (then things don’t have to be fixed!).

What I like to read: Exactly what I can’t ever write—Nineteenth-century British fiction.

What I write: Whatever God gives me the idea to write! All mistakes are mine, of course.

What I watch: Way too many TV shows from the 60s and 70s. I think I was born in the wrong era.

My family: Seems like more animals than people these days! We’re at three dogs and two cats right now. They’re a fun, furry circus.

My favorite food, snack, or beverage: It’s always a tie between chocolate and ice cream. My solution? Have both whenever possible.

What I love to do: Eat!

What I admire: The best frosting in the world at our local grocery store bakery (I’d gladly give them as many free copies of my book as they’d like in exchange for the recipe).

What makes me happy: Snow and cold weather! Yes, I’m crazy.

What makes me sad: Summer and hot weather. See above for explanation.

I believe: I’ll have to go eat something now. This interview made me hungry!

Jerusha Agen is a lifelong lover of story–a passion that has led her to a B.A. in English and a highly varied career. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, she is the author of the Sisters Redeemed Series, which includes the titles This Dance, This Shadow, and This Redeemer. Jerusha co-authored the e-books A Ruby Christmas and A Dozen Apologies from Write Integrity Press.

Jerusha is also a screenwriter, and several of her original scripts have been produced as films. In addition, she is a film critic, with reviews featured at the website,
Jerusha relishes snowy Midwest winters spent with her three large, furry dogs and two small, furry cats.

Visit her website at Follow Jerusha on Twitter @SDGwords and Facebook Jerusha Agen – SDG Words.

Not all prisons have bars.

Charlotte Davis should know—she’s lived in one for years. She can handle getting slapped around by her boyfriend, Tommy, and even being forced to do things she would never choose, but when Tommy turns on her 10-year-old daughter, Charlotte must try to escape. With nowhere else to turn, Charlotte runs to the stranger her dying mother believed would help her.

Looking only for shelter or cash, Charlotte finds a family she longs to call her own and a gentle man she could learn to love. But if Tommy catches up with Charlotte, these strangers could discover the truth about her. Will they send her back to Tommy? Or can a Father’s love set her free?
Jerusha Agen
Author, Screenwriter, Film Critic
Author Of