End of the Road: Home

The long road ahead. Saw lots of these.

Road trip, anyone?

Just a few days off the road, I missed the adventure.

These are a few of my favorite pictures, ending with my son being reunited with his wife and their dog.

Gusto “Houdini” Owens
“Ah” Moment

Another “Stop the car so I can take a picture!” moment…

The road to Grand Canyon. Several layers of beauty here.

We made it to the GC!

And now, the moment we’d all been waiting for.
Their little family is back together again. That’s the reason I flew to Seattle, so we could have a moment like this.

And now my big adventure is at an end.

Feeling a little sad. But not for long. There’ll be more great adventures ahead for me. I’m looking forward to them.

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