Just a Walk in the Park

Hello, Thursday Morning readers! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. I’ve been busy!

On Father’s Day, my husband wanted to go for a walk after church services. We opted to drive a few minutes and hike in a nearby park because it’s so much more relaxing than walking in our subdivision.

It was beautiful. I kept stopping to snap pics of wildflowers. They reminded me of my childhood when we wandered the fields around my grandma’s farm.

We’d planned to walk about a mile-and-a-half. However, we made a wrong turn somewhere along the way and ended up on a three-mile trail. That was not so terrible, except for the approach of dark clouds and the ominous rumble of thunder in the distance. 😦

Pulling up GPS on my phone, I determined that we were still half an hour from our parking spot when the wind started whipping around. We increased our speed, which concerned me a little because my husband has health problems. So, I prayed (I may have begged) for God’s help.

Minutes later, as raindrops began to pelt us, we topped a long hill and found a pavilion where we could take cover. A bike rider had also taken cover there. After a few minutes of watching the rain fall in sheets and lightning striking all around, the bike rider struck up a conversation with my husband. He gave us advice on the shortest route to take to get back to our car.

My husband asked lots of questions (as he usually does) and found out where the guy likes to ride. He showed us photos he’d taken in some remote areas around the county. As the rain began to subside, he decided to call it a day. He was parked nearby, so he offered us a ride to our car (by foot, still over a mile from our present location).

My husband happily accepted. We were in the guy’s vehicle by the time I remembered the prayer I’d prayed. I whispered a thank-you to my Heavenly Father. Either He’d had mercy on our foolishness and lack of planning, or, we had met someone we needed to meet and given a stranger the opportunity to do a good deed.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to accept help, especially if the offer comes from someone you don’t really know. Have you ever given a stranger an opportunity to do a good deed?