Teetering on the Edge of Reality

I grew up thinking Science Fiction was about spaceships and aliens. Fantasy was dragons, elves and Prince Charming riding a white horse. How do you define fantasy?

In literary circles Fantasy is often paired with Sci-Fi, though it may seem quite different. Fantasy could actually happen. Dragons did exist at one time (dinosaurs?) and I live in the home of the Derby, so I see elves all the time. Okay, they’re jockeys, but they look like elves to someone as tall as me. Princes exist, of course and they do sometimes ride white horses, and fly helicopters, apparently.

If you have studied history, you’re aware that some pretty fantastic things happened from time to time. Things that were outside of normal day-to-day existence. Wars were won that should not have been won and ordinary men like Alvin York, accomplished seemingly impossible feats.

Much of what was Science Fiction when I was a child, has now become reality. Men have walked on the moon. We have sent probes to Mars. The space shuttle makes regular trips to a space station. And I am typing this post on a computer no bigger than a book that sits on my lap.

 As a child, I lived in a fantasy-filled world. We moved often and I was shy. Many times I was my only BFF. I roamed the countryside in an idyllic time when that was a safe thing to do and I dreamed of days gone by. I was an Indian princess, I was Juliet, I was Maid Marion or Lady Guinevere. Characters met in the pages of books.

The Lady of the Haven is Fantasy, but could almost be historical romance. It is teetering on the edge of reality. The Haven’s anomalies could be explained scientifically, like the Bermuda Triangle (there is also a sort of “triangle” in the Sierra Mountains). In A Gathering of Eagles Jael, though no longer in the Haven, discovers some of the same phenomena have followed her.

The appeal of fantasy is undeniable. We can live out our dreams and desires through the pages of a book or the scenes of a finely crafted movie. Sometimes we find that our dreams and desires are achievable and then the fantasy becomes reality.

My desire is that my readers will come to this realization. Sometimes the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Release the limits and give yourself up to your dreams. And while you’re at it, if you’re going to dream, dream big!

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  1. My favorite fantasy stories are usually those with a historical basis or connection. I love medieval fantasy, with swords and knights and dragons and princesses!


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