Pointed Teeth and the Undead—

This fascination with vampires is unnerving! Okay, I suppose that’s a little dramatic. I really don’t like it, I’m not fond of vampires, never have been. Even good-looking ones, wolves in sheep’s clothing, if you ask me. I read a little bit of the popular first book and it was very well written, but I don’t like vampires. They creep me out.
I don’t like zombies either and was really repulsed by the classic novels (Miss Elizabeth Bennett!) turned into zombie fests! What a time to be living in. It can be so exciting and then suddenly turn into something horrific. I am probably overreacting and this is just the next step up from the witches and wizards that were so popular in the last decade. What’s next? Kind of scared to ask that question…
I remember an old black and white movie I saw on TV as a kid about a woman (a shape-shifter) who turned into a black panther and terrorized a village. It killed a woman and all you saw was a pool of blood under the door. I was traumatized for days! I had nightmares, and that is so tame by today’s standards. 
I, like many of you, grew up watching television and I can appreciate a good movie and a good story. I depend on people liking good stories and there are so many out there now and so many wonderful writers, God is in the midst. I am interested to see what He is doing.
By the way, the last vampire movie I saw had George Hamilton in it, so it’s been a while. I didn’t like it much either, though it was a comedy (a very silly one). Be careful out there, little ones. It’s too easy to get “sucked in” to a world full of darkness dressed up to look like lightness.