Comfort Food is on the Menu

It’s raining leaves. 

At least that’s how it looks. Summer has officially ended. As the weather cools, my instincts kick in. Time for comfort food. Summer’s sandwiches and salads were nice, but there is nothing like a good, hot meal to chase away autumn’s first chill. 
What is your favorite comfort food? I posted this question on my Facebook page and got a variety of answers. Chili. A big pot of pinto beans with homemade cornbread. Anything my momma cooks. Okay, that one came from one of my sons. 
Homemade chicken and dumplings, roast beef and whipped potatoes with rich, dark gravy. Potato soup and crispy cornbread. White beans and turnip greens.
Hungry yet? One thing all of these have in common, besides being high in calories? Homemade. 
Nothing beats it. Just like Mom used to make (if Mom could cook). But I’m not going there. This kind of weather makes you want to settle in with a bowl of something hot and delicious. My favorite? Homemade chicken and dumplings. Do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? Leave me a comment to cast your vote. Happy Fall!

7 thoughts on “Comfort Food is on the Menu

  1. It's tough to choose…of course I used to love all your bread – especially the muffins, hot and fresh. They didn't crumble but they fell apart in your mouth. I filled them with butter and honey. And I continued eating them long after everyone had left the table. Also LOVED your lasagna. And the handmade pizza is a fond memory. Should I mention pies? Peanut butter cookies? Hmm…hungry…


  2. Hi, Betty. I think I'm coming to dinner whenever Matt comes. All that sounds delicious. And homemade chicken and dumplings sounds extra delicious. I can cook okay, but I never got the hang of dumplings. Mostly because my mom didn't cook them and my husband doesn't like them. I really enjoy the ones church ladies bring to those dinners on the ground though. But my favorite would have to be soup. I love a warm bowl of homemade vegetable soup.


  3. Hi, Betty. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have you been to my new website, yet? I still need to put a link up on the blog to take folks there. My comfort food definitely is oatmeal. Ever since my childhood growing up in Bermuda, this has been the first food I reach for when I need to feel hugged on the inside. Maybe it was my Scottish mother who influenced me. God bless!


  4. Oh, Ann I love homemade vegetable soup. My grandma used to make it for me when I was sick. She started with home-canned soup mix and added whatever fresh vegetables she had on hand. Always made me feel better.

    Laura, there is nothing like hot oatmeal on a cold morning! That is comfort.


  5. My, my I'm late on replying…it's almost Christmas! Dad made a veggie soup just last night. My fave is Chili. Speaking of, would you happen to know a yummy recipe for white chili? ❤


  6. Thanks for the comment Allie Rose! I'm the one who's late. I haven't updated my website blog in a long, long time! I haven't had much white chili and I've never made any. Food Network (.com) is always my first stop for new recipes. I love to experiment!


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