Brer Rabbit’s Return

20150615_072319El Conejo has returned! AKA Brer Rabbit or maybe it’s Sis Rabbit. Whatever, this hare is a grownup. Big and hungry.

I’ve already started the battle in my flowerbed. I’ve sprinkled “stinky stuff” around my lily.

My neighbor has a whole flowerbed filled with lilies and this critter never touches them. I have ONE itty-bitty lily and that rotund Leporidae (scientific name for Bugs Bunny) eats it to the ground! I call that prejudice, my friend.

When it’s not noshing on my flowers, the thing is sunbathing. Preening it’s paws and spindly ears and looking oh-so-cute (according to my wildlife-loving neighbor). With two barking dogs and a chain-link fence, she isn’t concerned about her zinnias and marigolds.

Ever heard a rabbit laugh? I’m certain I have. The thing actually chuckles at my elaborate attempts to deter its overactive appetite. Once again, I’ll be finding plants rabbits don’t like. The good news is, many of the plants I bought last year came back on their own. The dusty miller looks great. The purple stuff is up and spreading. It’s some kind of cane, but I’ve forgotten what it’s called. πŸ™‚

What I did last year. Rabbit didn’t like these.

I’ve got St. John’s Wort and Coral Bells. Last year, brilliant coleus replaced blooms. I really didn’t miss the zinnias and the marigolds. So look out, Bugs, you’re gonna have to find a new breakfast cafe!

Have you had to deal with pets in your garden? What’s your answer? I’d love to hear from you!

Rabbit-2016 Meme

4 thoughts on “Brer Rabbit’s Return

  1. lynnmosher

    Oh, but s/he’s so cute! LOL How did you get that picture? There are so many products out there to use and not all are very nice. I’m sure you’ve tried many. I noticed one hint that was interesting. It said to use the scent of a predator. I didn’t read how you would do that. Thought it was interesting. Hope you find something. πŸ˜€

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    1. Betty Owens

      Thanks, Lynn! The top picture was taken from my kitchen window. The bottom one of the rabbit snacking on herbs, I found on Pixabay then made it into a meme. πŸ™‚ Scent of a predator I’ve seen at the hardware store. Fox urine is in the ingredients. I’ll stick with the stinky stuff, which is mostly garlic. It seems to have some power so far.


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