Prequel to a Love Story

Allow me to introduce you to Rebecca Lewis (of the Newport Lewises).

Known as a “robber-baron,”  Rebecca’s grandfather cashed in on the westward movement, buying up land and selling it to the railroads. He amassed a fortune. Then, according to his neighbors, he built an obscenely large mansion. Still, his fortune grew.

He had hoped to pass his vast holdings down to his son, but Rebecca’s grandfather died without a will. His wife lost no time filing suit. A long court battle lined the pockets of a couple of lawyers. The rest of the fortune was split between Rebecca’s father and his stepmother.


Rebecca was raised by servants, while her parents sailed back and forth across the Atlantic to party and gamble away what was left of their money. In Amelia’s Legacy, her life was already changing as a result of her parents’ wasteful lifestyle. She was left to close up the houses, and dismiss the servants.

In 1929, her father returned to the States to make one last attempt at recovering what he’d squandered. The stock market crashed, and took all hope along with it. He was devastated.

This is backstory–sort of prequel to Carlotta’s Legacy. Rebecca Lewis knows all about struggle. She’d been treated like a princess by her grandfather, and ignored by her parents. She doesn’t expect or understand love.

Riccardo “Ricci” Alvera was raised by parents who were devoted to one another. They were Italian aristocracy, living in the heart of Umbria, in a villa built by his mother’s great-grandfather. Tradition and faith guided all their decisions.

When his father died, Ricci returned home from the military to take over running the estate. There were financial difficulties, but with the help of a faithful servant, he was able to bring it back.

The estate was flourishing when he set out to woo and win the heart of an American woman he’d met while stationed in the Alps. She resisted at first, but he was determined. Though he knew his mother would never approve, he would not give up.

You’ll find Rebecca and Ricci’s story in Carlotta’s Legacy. July 11 ONLY it’s on sale for 99 cents on Kindle.

Carlotta’s Legacy is Book two of the Legacy series. You can download it here:



Tweet: Known as a robber-baron, Rebecca's grandfather cashed in on the westward movement. #Sale - #99c

Tweet: Known as a robber-baron, Rebecca’s grandfather cashed in on the westward movement. #Sale – #99c



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