Hello from the Writers Conference

coffee, cup, laptop, memeHello, Thursday morning friends!  This is a big day for me. I serve as treasurer on the board of the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference (KCWC). All year long, we pray and plan. Today, it begins!

Welcome to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Elizabethtown is situated sort of in the middle of Kentucky. It’s a major hub, with several parkways and I-65 running through it, which makes it highly accessible. And, it’s a lovely small town with a big heart and friendly residents; a great place to visit. Some of you parents out there may have spent time in the town’s sports park with your baseball and/or soccer players.

KCWC is welcoming a stellar crew of writers, publishers, editors, and agents. From keynote speaker, H. Michael Brewer, to the well-known and loved blogger, marketing-media expert and writer, Edie Melson. Gregg & Hallee Bridgeman, Michele Chynoweth, Tracy Crump, Harriet Michael, and Carlton Hughes. Yes, I am name-dropping! As well, we have a healthy list of others here.

There’s still time, if you’re close enough to make the trip. Come for a day–either Friday or Saturday, or sign in on Friday and return on Saturday to take full advantage of the conference. We offer reasonable prices and wonderful meals, but most of all, great fellowship hobnobbing with other writers.

One of the greatest things about a “small” conference is accessibility. We, as individual writers, have time and opportunity to meet successful, published writers and entrepreneurs. We can enjoy a meal with them, talk to them at their book table, or while seated next to them (hopefully not talking during the keynote). They will inspire you to keep hitting those keys and writing those stories. They’ll impart knowledge and help writers learn how to perfect their work and sell stories.

Then, you can sit down with one of our agents or publishers and find out if you have what it takes to make a success out of writing.

I’ve made some wonderful friends over the years, attending this conference. That’s really what it’s all about. Networking and friendships will help build your confidence as an inspirational writer.

So, here I am, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, ready to go and make new friends. I hope we’ve set the scene for a wonderful, inspirational time of learning and fun.

Speaking of fun, I’m teaching a class! I didn’t mean to, hadn’t planned on it, but a last-minute cancellation left a session without an instructor. This lady was kind enough to offer her materials, so I’m all set. And it just happens to be one of my favorite subjects. Humorous writing. “Make Me Laugh and Forget I’m Reading”.

I’ll write a followup article next week and let you know how it went. In the meantime, I hope to see some of you there!