The Gift of Invisibility

Have you ever wished you could just disappear when the pressures of life close in? At work, when someone’s looking for you? At home when the kids are driving you crazy? What if it was really possible? 
Some say it is. In this article from Wired Science, I read about the existence of “invisibility crystals.” Potter fans say all you need is a cloak. Well, there’s an actual invisibility cloak according to this article by Charles Q. Choi, Invisibility Cloak: Now you see it, now you don’t.
In The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien) a ring rendered Bilbo invisible. There was also an elven cloak later in The Lord of the Rings that enabled its wearer to blend into his or her surroundings. And of course, there’s the Bible. There were incidences in the Bible when saints disappeared, some to reappear in another place. Catholic believers will remember several of the ancient saints practiced the gift of invisibility. Eastern religions also spoke of it. 
Jael of Rogan, the heroine of my fantasy novels, practices invisibility. She discovers the gift quite by accident. It comes in handy several times. In The Lady of the Haven, she “fades into the background.” That’s a talent I could use at work. In the second book, A Gathering of Eagles, she learns to travel while invisible. Think of the gas you’d save!