Future Perfect

I’m so excited about 2015. Moving ahead always excites me though. I’m the daughter of a nomad. We moved so many times, I lost count. But one thing developed in me in the midst of all that. I could leave the past behind and look ahead. Out of necessity, to protect my heart and mind, I learned to turn my back on the place we were leaving–keep my eyes on the horizon–the place we were headed.

This attitude served me well over the years. My husband and I moved a lot less. We settled into a home in the suburbs and stayed put, raised our sons, and still stayed. The house is not large, so it’s quite comfortable now, with just the two of us. Well, until the sons come to visit with all of theirs. Then it can be a little over the top, but still fun.

Now the things I have to leave behind are different. They aren’t friends and houses and schools and countryside. They tend to be old habits and wasteful ways. Spring-cleaning takes on new meaning! Revamping, revising, renovation! I’m excited!

I’m also excited about Authorview this year. I started these interviews as a way to help friends find new writers and also, to help authors and writers promote their work. It’s always best if someone else promotes you and your work and accomplishments, don’t you think?

So out of these desires, came Authorview. In 2015, it will be a monthly post, every third Tuesday. Occasionally, I might plug in an additional post when I have a special request from an author.

This new addition to my blog has already been exciting, but 2015 promises even more. I’ve changed the interview questions, but they’re still lighthearted and fun. My purpose? To bring out some of the true character of the author, let the readers gain a little insight into the real person behind the book.

Next week begins the 2015 Authorview year. My very first interviewee is Katie (K.M.) Weiland. You’ll love reading about Katie, and if you’re a beginning writer, I highly recommend her workbooks. She’s committed to helping writers become authors.

I hope you’ll stop in on Tuesday, January 20th for Katie’s interview. If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” (yes, please!) my author page to get reminders of these posts and more (Betty’s Author Page). I promise not to overwhelm you with posts. Or you can have my blogposts delivered to your email. Just fill in the blank on the upper left-hand side of this blog.

I hope your 2015 is going well so far, but if it isn’t, perhaps you need to let some things drift away in the rearview mirror. Forget the past and set your sights on what lies ahead. The road lies before us. Where will it take us this year? I’m excited.

Forgetting what lies behind … stay focused on the goal … Philippians 3:12-21

Interview with author Linda Yezak

It’s easy to admire someone like Linda Yezak. As a writer, she excels. Her debut novel, Give the Lady a Ride is making waves in the world of Christian fiction. As any author knows, writing the story is just the beginning. Making it shine is a lot of work. Even then, the work’s not done. Just like a birth, once the baby’s here, the real labor begins. Thank you, Linda for allowing me to interview you and help promote your book!
Who has been your shining star throughout this venture?
I’d have to divide the venture into stages to answer this accurately, because I’ve had several shining stars–way too many to enumerate. God has been good to me! 
So, in the writing stage, it was author K. M. Weiland, whose sharp eye and gentle direction helped me refine the story. Katie has been an incredible source of encouragement throughout the entire process, but especially when I was writing. She still is. 
In the early cyber-promotion stage, it was Joy Tamsin David, influencer extraordinaire. From the moment she discovered Give the Lady a Ride was coming out, she gave me guidance about the best romance blogs to submit it to for great reviews. The bulk of my amazon sales were due to her advice.
In the physical marketing stage, Mom and Billy have to share the limelight. You just can’t beat the efforts of a mother who’s proud of her daughter, or a husband who’s proud of his wife.
These are my brightest stars, but as I said there are so many others–not to mention a certain Betty Thomason Owens who has been an avid supporter since day one!

What is your highpoint memory from the moment the book went live until now?

Wow. Tough one. I think it would have to be the look on my 79-year-old mother’s face when she held the book for the first time. She cried, of course. Then, after I read the dedication to her (she has Macular Degeneration and can no longer read), she cried again. It was sweet and emotional, and it makes me happy to have her so proud of me.

When did you think you may have “knocked one out of the ballpark”? Whose great review blew you away?

Monte Alkire, a rancher and rodeo team roper in Illinois, read my book and gave me his impression in detail. (Yes, I have male readers. That surprised me, but those I’ve heard from really liked the book.) The fact that he found my depictions of ranch life, rodeo, and cowboys accurate is the biggest pat on the back I’ve received, and I’ve received some wonderful pats. Monte believes the book is Hallmark quality and thinks I should submit it. I’d certainly love to try. He sent his review in an email, so I couldn’t post it anywhere but Facebook (and my blog–I didn’t think of that!), but the fact he wrote it at all is a great honor.

Where to now? Future plans? 
I’m still debating a sequel to Ride, and I’m almost finished with my second novel, The Cat Lady’s Secret. I’m also co-authoring a thriller with a friend, and I’m anxious to see that one finished. I enjoyed writing Ride, but I’d also like to write suspense/thrillers (probably under a different name) and women’s fiction.
Aside from my writing, Billy and I enjoyed our times at the festivals so much, we’re planning to add a few more–fall festivals. Or spring. But definitely, no more summer festivals! At the Polish Days in Bremond, Texas, I included the books of some author friends whose works I’d read and could comfortably endorse. I enjoyed selling theirs as much as I did selling mine, so I’ll continue to add other books to my traveling bookstore.

How does it feel to be a superstar (if only for a moment)?
The word “stunning” is accurate, despite the fact it is often misused. I’m always stunned when someone seems enthusiastic to meet me. At the Blueberry Festival, someone rushed over to me, all excited, and exclaimed, “You’re her!” as if I were some Broadway star. She had read my book and enjoyed it. At the Polish festival, people asked to have their pictures taken with me. That floored me. I’m amazed every time something like this happens. 
Thanks for interviewing me, Betty. You’re one of the stars God blessed me with, and I’m forever thankful for you!

For more information about Linda Yezak, visit:
777 Peppermint Place, AuthorCulture