The Lady of the Haven

Re: Deborah

Okay, I promised to tell you about Jael’s grandmother. Not only did she give Jael her name, she trained her granddaughter in the healing ways and passed along a deep reverence for God. In character, she was somewhat like the biblical judge for whom she was named.

She was rather plain, with an olive complexion, dark hair and eyes, more like the Rogans than Jael. She was a direct descendant of Jebuel’s kin, and married Justus Drudan of Rogan at a very young age.

After Jael’s mother was killed, Deborah kept the child with her, for the Rogan men were often absent from the Haven. Jael learned to discern mugwort from drumwort, (mugwort was fatal if ingested). Drumwort stopped excessive bleeding and cleansed the blood. These two herbs were very much alike in appearance, so needed a discerning eye to harvest.

As a healer, no one came near to Deborah’s expertise, but she did not possess other traits common to the Haven family. When she recognized these abilities in her only grandchild, she encouraged them.

Note: I am not an herbalist. I have studied herbs, but remember, this is fantasy. Though loosely based in reality (sounds like my life) they are purely fictional. I made these things up, and had lots of fun doing it. So if you should find plants like those in my book, please don’t eat them based on my say-so!

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