Standing Out or Outstanding?

outstandingI love my friends and family. I have an amazing group of people surrounding and supporting me.

They think I’m outstanding. I guess that’s what I love most about them. They believe in me.

lonely-273629_1280Sometimes, we don’t really appreciate the ones that God has placed in our lives. They might be the ones who are encouraging us to try harder–don’t quit–don’t give up. Keep on going, even when things look really bad. Even when you want them to stop encouraging you, because you really don’t want to keep going.

You want to quit. You want to forget you ever tried. But that’s not really an option I can take. No matter how much I might want to. The degree of OCD in me won’t let me quit. If I’ve misplaced something in my house, I WILL NOT QUIT until I find it. I will move everything in my house–clean out every closet and drawer–until I find what I’m looking for. I’m pretty much the same with other things in life.

I can’t let it go–which  can be a positive trait–or not.

You can stand out in any arena.

What does it take to make it? Here’s my list–

  1. Work hard.
  2. Study hard.
  3. Stay focused.
  4. Be friendly.
  5. Be kind.
  6. Help others.
  7. Pray hard.

startup-593324_1280These are not necessarily in the right order. I’m still working on them. Number 7 has become very important in my life. I know it helps me stay focused. And probably helps me with all the other ones.

“Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.”–2 Timothy 2:15 NLT

If you do the things described in this scripture, you’ll stand out. Most people will appreciate your efforts.

However… in Ecclesiastes 12:12, we read: “But, my child, let me give you some further advice: Be careful, for writing books is endless, and much study wears you out.”

I had to laugh at that one, especially since it seems to be aimed at writers. 🙂

And then in Acts 26:24 — “Suddenly, Festus shouted, ‘Paul, you are insane. Too much study has made you crazy!'”

He definitely stands out! I think perhaps Paul was talking the civic leader’s ears right off his head. From my research, I believe Paul could’ve done that.

So the end of the matter is this:

If you choose to go for outstanding in life, yours will most likely NOT be an easy life. However, the rewards are great, though you may not receive them until after you’re gone. But if you’re passing knowledge along to those coming after, either through writing, teaching, or spreading the Gospel of Christ, the reward is ongoing.

sisters-781098_1280And don’t forget the ones who are encouraging you in your daily life. Listen. Learn. And as you have opportunity, thank them. Give them a hug, let them know you were listening. Sometimes the encourage-r needs encouraging.

May you stand out in life. May your path be blessed and your life outstanding.