Another Movie Review

I don’t really have a schedule yet for Hello! Thursday Mornings – but I think it’s time for another movie review. This one is fun, cute and endearing, and I love the title.

In-Lawfully Yours.

I had no idea what to expect, which is probably a good thing. But I was delighted, and laughed out loud several times.

Actually, I know someone who used to be a lot like Jesse, the main character. Though I didn’t know how to take my friend in the beginning, I soon came to love and appreciate her unique outlook on life. It’s the same with Jesse’s character. One critic found her irritating, but I liked her immediately.The story begins with a totally unexpected scene and provides several more unexpected scenes within the first few minutes of the film.  I believe these scenes reveal Jesse’s character well.

Jesse’s short-lived marriage is at an abrupt end, but the death of her almost-ex’s father sends Jesse to the aid of her mother-in-law (Marilu Henner). Along the way, Jesse meets a different sort of salesman, a pastor with a dwindling congregation, and a cafe-owner who repeatedly sabotages Jesse’s coffee. When all she really wants is a good cup of coffee.

“You know, I could get used to this churching” — is one of my favorite lines in the film, as Jesse settles into a new way of life.

The very sweet and pure love that grows between the two main characters is just my style. The conflict that comes as a result of their attachment is natural and believable, though a few of the extenuating circumstances were a little fantastic. But I was not put off by them–this is comedy.snack, popcorn, movie

Jesse’s antics almost get the pastor ousted from his church. Her ex-husband has an ulterior motive for trying to win her back. And of course, there’s a toxic character in the church who completely disapproves of her.

I liked the characters in this movie, even some of the unlikable ones, because they were real–made so by the talented actors. I loved the fact that these people formed a family who loved and cared for each other through difficult circumstances. And I loved the humor that threaded its way through the story.

What I liked best about this movie is the journey the two make from the beginning to the end. Their roads intersect, then part. But Jesse’s road leads home.

In-Lawfully Yours is a romantic comedy with an inspirational theme. It’s a project of Regent University’s film school. One of the producers is Corbin Bernsen, who makes a cameo appearance in the movie.

I just watched the movie again, and loved it just as much the second time through. I gave it five stars on Netflix.

Have you seen a really good faith-based film lately?

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