On Making the Right Choice

The story of Abram and Lot in Genesis 13 is proof that God’s blessing on your life is more important than appearance. Lot chose the beautiful land, Abram went into the desert. Most of you know the outcome.

Sometimes the best choice is not the obvious one. For Abram, the desert provided an oasis. Because God’s blessing followed him wherever he went. As a father-figure in Lot’s life, he graciously allowed Lot first choice. Neither knew what the future held, and neither picked up on any “bad feelings” about the verdant Jordan River valley.

If we use this instance as a lesson in life, perhaps it will help us to know that God is in control of the outcome. You are looking at a choice between two. Do you draw straws? Throw darts at a map? If it’s an important, life-altering choice, you’ll be less likely to leave it up to chance. Prayerful consideration and research of the pros and cons will usually leave you leaning toward one. But not always. Sometimes, the choices will be so equal, your decision is rendered too difficult.

Now what do you do?

Pray. Pray with the expectation of an answer. The deadline looms and you’re no closer to an answer. You can’t make a decision. You panic. My next step in this scenario is to open the Bible and begin to read. It makes no difference where. The Word always settles me. If I thumb through and read passages from the Psalms then lift my heart in worship, I feel the fear slipping away. Once fear is out of the picture, you can usually see the answer.

I’ve made many important choices in my life, in just this way. After teetering back and forth for days, the answer would suddenly come to me. When fear was completely out of the picture.

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