Sheryl Holmes – Authorview

Sheryl Holmes

Sheryl Holmes is a daughter of the Most High King and desires to see His sparkle in her life every day. 

I am: Busy…busy…busy and is learning how to be still.
My best trait: I think outside-the-box.
My bad habit: My think-er doesn’t shut down!
Qualities I admire: Transparency and authenticity.
What I like to read: True stories that inspire are my favorite books to read – and I also like to read books that challenge my walk with Jesus.
What I write: Like Jo, from Little Women, was advised by Frederick Bhaer, “Write what you know…” – So that is what I do (!) – totally non-fiction.
What I watch: I Loooove to watch the musicals!
My family: My husband and I have nine children – yes – all ours (!) and three grandchildren.
My favorite food, snack, or beverage: I love food in general  – I love to cook & love to eat!  Fresh carrot juice is a favorite.
What I love to do: I love to create – it thrills & relaxes!
What I admire:  I admire someone who sacrifices for another; I admire my mom.
What makes me happy: Laughter among my family.
What makes me sad: I am the saddest when I see people turn away from the LORD’s best.
I believe: I believe on God’s promises because I have tasted and seen the LORD is good – over and over and over again!
Sheryl’s Book:
Towdah: A Cancer  Survivor’s Song of Hope  was never my intent; being a published author was never on the radar for my goals in life. I was a busy homeschooling mother of nine children and I had more than enough to do. Days would run into each other and I would often lose track of them, I went from one urgent need to the other and often prayed, when will this life slow down!
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Sheryl’s Bio:

Sheryl is a cancer survivor and “Towdah: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope” is her first book. She has also co-authored “The Christmas Tree Hunt” and been published in “Life Lessons from Moms” and “Life Lessons from Dads” via Write Integrity Press.
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Sheryl is a New England girl. She attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst Massachusetts and was awarded the Chancellor’s Talent Award Scholarship and holds a BA in Dance. She obtained her MA in Dance Movement Therapy from Antioch New England College in Keene, New Hampshire.
Sheryl and her husband have nine children, including two sets of twins, and have spent many years home educating. Together, they worship at Dwight Chapel’s Christ Community Church in Belchertown, Massachusetts.
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